Welcome to HackTM_CTF_2020

*** 48h ***
Feb.01.10:00 EET - Feb.03.09:59 EET
Type: On-line, jeopardy

If you want to be selected for the finals, your team MUST send writeups. We recommend the top 20 teams to do so.

Deadline: 2020-02-05 23:59 UTC (2 days 16 hours after the CTF ends)
Accepted formats: text, markdown, pdf, exploit script w/ comments, anything sane (you can ask us if uncertain)
Send them to: [email protected]

Anyone can send writeups.
We ask you to wait until after the deadline to make yours public. This is to prevent any plagarism confusion.
The top 10 teams with valid writeups will be qualified to the finals.
You must provide a description of the ENTIRE solution.
You don't have to be extremely detailed, but your writeup must be detailed enough that someone who doesn't know the challenge at all but is familiar with its category can use it to solve the challenge without having to fill in the gaps.
Please use english.

  • The flag format is HackTM{[^}]*}, unless specified otherwise.
  • Attacking the web server is strictly prohibited and will get you disqualified.
  • Brute forcing flags on this platform is not allowed and will not lead to success.
  • Any questions regarding challenges or the platform should be asked via Discord.
  • The competition will be over on 2020-02-03 07:59:59 UTC but the challenges will be online for the following 2-3 days afterwards.
  • Top 20 teams will have to submit writeups before 5 February 23:59 EET.
  • The best 10 teams will qualify to the on-site finals in Timisoara, Romania, on May 22-24.
  • Teams may have an unlimited number of members, but only a maximum of 4 people per team can participate in the finals - remote help is forbidden.
  • The organizers will cover accomodation for 3 nights (Fr-Mo) and provide food during the competition.
  • There will also be partial compensation for the travel expenses worth 100€ / team member.